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June 6, 2008

Well, that’s a wrap. I have to say this was definitely one of the most engaging courses I’ve taken in a really long time. There are so many incredibly talented people in our class that I was expecting their presentations to be great, but pretty much every single one of them blew me away – including my teammate Matt, whose documentary was a huge undertaking and sadly wasn’t able to be viewed in class. Great stuff, and I’m sure we’ll hear more from all of them, if not this coming fall then further on in whatever they choose to do and whatever lucky employer manages to snag them.

Now, on to moving out of the apartment. Oh, and final exams. Yikes.


Thank you to the excellent students of NMC 301 who pulled together and despite power outages, challenging sources, slippery truths and merely 24-hour days, delivered some of the most impressive and exciting work my colleagues, your classmates I have seen.


Team Iraq is putting their documentary on YouTube so we can all enjoy it. It’s not uploaded yet, but this is going to be the address:


Reflections on Final Project Presentations

June 4, 2008 · No Comments

It was so wonderful to see everyone’s project tonight.  I throughly enjoyed and learned a lot from each project. Seeing all different mediums come together in a three hour class is absolutely fascinating and educational in itself. Tonight we saw a magazine design, a blog with a documentary on it and a how to piece, a website created and enclosed a documentary and video. I thought each group worked extremely hard and it was foreseen in the the final product.

One of my favorite moments was when Pam was tearing up over my group’s documentary.  It made me feel like my group portrayed the message that we wanted which was to touch lives and send an educated message. Seeing her tear up made me feel good because I saw all of my hard work paid off in one 19 minute video.

I also enjoyed the Solar Vehicle Team documentary made by Jake and Lindsay. I think its awesome the opportunity that came to Lindsay from doing this project.  It makes me see that something as small a class project can lead to something more and can lead to furthering future careers.  Knowing that a great opportunity came to her from this only helps my confidence and my willingness to continue growing, learning and creating new projects. That is an experience that she will never forget and a life changing and hopefully career changing event in her life.  If she can do it, I can too.

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Finished project, check it out…


The Iraq War: A Student Perspective was created off three students interest and curiosity about what students think of the war and whether it affects us.  We personally wanted to interview a vast array of different and diverse students that come from all backgrounds.  We took our journalism and multimedia knowledge and decided to do a group documentary, which could capture the thoughts of many students on film. Once we decided on our multimedia format and topic, we then came up with questions to ask all 67 students. With Nick’s occupation in the National Guard we were able to get quality interviews from soldiers themselves that served in Iraq, which helped to provide insight to see what it was really like being in Iraq.  We also interviewed Megan, a student who has grown up in a military family and is marrying Derrick an ROTC cadet and a student that will be deployed when he graduates.  These three students, Nick, Devin and Jenna tried to maintain the professional journalism stance by creating a nonbiased documentary telling the stories and opinions of many students.  We hope that we touched the lives of the New Media Communications 301 spring term class.  We personally learned a lot from this documentary and we hope that you all do to. Now lets take a look into the lives of the three creative, new media students.
Nick Conley is in his fifth and final year of college. He started his college career at New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM where he played baseball and earned his commission as an officer in the United States Army. After graduating with an Associates of Arts degree.  He then moved back home to Oregon and attended Linfield College for a year. Conley transferred to Oregon State University where he has spent the past two years and will graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Studies with a focus in New Media Communication. For the past three years he has been a member in the Oregon Army National Guard where he is now a First Lieutenant. After Graduation Nick plans on going to courses for the military and by May of next year he is scheduled to be deployed to Iraq with the Oregon Army National Guard 41st Brigade. Conley brought his knowledge of the Army and his film skills to the project.  It was his stimulating questions to soldiers that brought the soldier prospective to the project.
Devin Robinson studied film for two years after high school before becoming jaded with the Hollywood system and the LA way of life.  Robinson did some traveling in Europe, returned to Oregon and became a waiter.  After a few months of that he decided it was time to go back to school.  Now he is in his senior year and studying New Media Communications at Oregon State. Robinson was enticed into this war documentary project because of the age similarity between the common college student and the common US soldier and what they thought of each other. Film and video are his favorite mediums and he was happy to bring his  technical and aesthetic knowledge to the project. He was the creative, master producer where his film skills shined like the Hollywood red carpet.
Jenna Santelli is graduating from Oregon State in a week and half with her study in New Media Communications.  She is going to be moving to Utah in a month to start her journey working at Salt Lake Community College in the Sports Information Department where she will continue her passion for writing sports. Santelli’s dream is to become a travel writer and travel world one article at a time. She has been to Thailand where she volunteered and kept an active blog. She also studied Spanish in Costa Rica. Santelli submitted her resume and this project to a National Geographic Correspondence Program that would help jump start her travel writing career.

As members of the ‘Green Team,’ we have recognized that global warming is a serious issue that affects all of us. Our focus for this assignment is the impact of global warming on our lives and how we as students can take action and combat the effects of global warming. Throughout the term, this Writing for the Media Professional class has introduced us to a new and vital form of communication – blogging. As we each agreed that blogging is a great way to express our ideas and views on a particular issue that concerns all of us, we decided that we will present our group project in the form of a blog. This will allow other bloggers to communicate with us as well as indicate how they feel about global warming and the issues that we raise. By choosing the blog as our form of presentation, we were then able to present our research in different ways.

Whilst we have discovered that there are many student groups at OSU who have joined together to raise awareness of the effects of global warming, there are also a number of students who know very little about how their actions and daily choices are affecting the future of our environment. A particular student group that we have chosen to focus on is the Solar Vehicle Team. This group has designed and created a solar powered vehicle to compete in the 2008 North American Solar Challenge. We interviewed members of the group and they provided us with a number of positive reasons why such a project is just one example of the ways students at OSU can get involved and promote the benefits of a green environment. We decided that our interviews with various members of the SVT would best be represented as a documentary and so Lindsey chose to accelerate her passion for film production and should be credited for her filming and editing skills.

We then decided that it was important to learn about global warming from professors who have a particular interest in this issue. Jake tried to interview Nicholas Drapela, who is known for his outspoken opinions on how and why global warming does not exist, however unfortunately this did not work out. Hannah spoke to Steve Cook, who confirmed that global warming is a problem that we must address. This feedback provided us with an interesting perspective on the issue in its entirety.

Finally, we decided that it was important to collaborate the research that we found individually to create a ‘how to’ guide on conserving the environment and saving energy. We hope you enjoy our presentation and gain as much from the information we have provided you as we have!


Introducing members of the Green Team and how they have contributed to this project:

Lindsey Pierce:
My name is Lindsey Pierce and I am 21. I transferred from Linfield College to Oregon State University after one year. This is my second year studying New Media Communications at OSU. My focus is on video production. I grew up in Tualatin, Ore. with my parents, older sister, and younger brother.

How I came up with my story:
I was researching on the Oregon State University Web site to find environmental clubs. The most interesting one that I found was the Solar Vehicle Team. The team was a good example of students making positive choices to help the future of the environment, which is the topic of our project. This type of club also seemed to lend itself to a visual medium, so I decided to make a documentary about the club.

Hannah Boekemann:
My name is Hannah Boekemann and I am a senior in New Media and Communications. I am 21 years old and I am currently studying at OSU on a six-month exchange program. I am from Sydney, Australia and I will be finishing my journalism degree at Charles Sturt University at the end of this year. I have always had an interest in writing and the communications industry and this Writing for the Media Professional class has enabled me to explore my passion even further.

I feel that my strength is in writing and so I have aimed to work on my writing and reporting skills throughout this group project. However, I did enjoy learning about how to use the camera equipment as well as uploading video footage onto the computer. I chose to work with the green team because I know very little about global warming and how it will effect our future. Speaking to students from the solar vehicle team as well as a professor in geosciences has certainly improved my knowledge and understanding of this topic. Whilst we have chosen to speak to a number of different people, I interviewed Steve Cook in order to find out his opinion on global warming as well as to find out some ways that we can begin to combat global warming before it’s too late. I therefore used the information that Cook provided me with to write a mini profile story on him and the truth about the current global climate. I also asked him some tips on how to save energy and conserve the environment. I also did some research on global warming so that I could form a ‘how to’ guide on ways that we can all save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Jake Lowden: My name is Jake Lowden; I am a New Media Communications option.  I am finishing my third year at Oregon State University.  I am twenty-one years old and I have lived in Oregon City, Oregon my entire life.  I am most interested in the video production part of the New Media spectrum.  In this project I contributed in the filming of the video documentary about the Solar Car Club.

Coming into this project I was sort of skeptic of Global Warming in regards to whether it is true or not.  After listening to many of the members of the Solar Car Club express their opinions, I found that even if Global Warming is only a theory, it can’t hurt to make the necessary positive steps to fight Global Warming and improve the environment.